recycling and repurposing carbon fiber

Carbon Conversions recycles carbon fiber-reinforced parts. We incorporate reclaimed carbon fibers in advanced materials that are used to make new, high-performance components. Our engineers work with manufacturers to influence designs so that their products are designed with future reclamation of carbon materials built in.


Carbon fiber makes parts great. It's lightweight, has high tensile strength and stiffness, is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. That's why it's used in so many high performance parts in the aerospace, automotive, sporting and other industries.'s really hard to eliminate carbon excess when parts are decommissioned. The same qualities that make it a great manufacturing material make it last virtually forever. Some landfills charge a premium to accept carbon fiber-reinforced materials. Carbon Conversions has a new and unique recycling solution to this problem.


Carbon Conversions has developed a one-of-a-kind process for recycling carbon fiber-reinforced components. Until now there has been no way to do this. Many landfills require premium pricing to take scap containing carbon fibers. This has been a costly problem for industry. Carbon Conversions has the solution.

Advanced Materials

We take the carbon fiber reclaimed from scrapped parts and apply it to create advanced materials. These materials are used to manufacture new, high-performance parts. Carbon fiber is prized for the durability, strength, stiffness and light-weighting qualities it brings to products. It is especially useful in sports equipment, electronics, automotive and aerospace applications.


Our 50,000-square-foot recycling and manufacturing facility is located in Lake City, SC. We have over 4 million pounds of carbon fiber-based materials on-site, which ensures that our customers will have a ready supply of the materials they require to manufacture high-performance products.


Companies with a carbon fiber disposal problem care. They turn to Carbon Conversions to get rid of decommissioned carbon fiber-reinforced components that tend to pile up. Organizations like the Oracle Racing Team that need carbon fiber-reinforced materials to make stronger, lighter, more durable parts care, too. We deliver carbon fiber materials in several forms that are used to make a wide variety of products. Companies that want to close the loop by recycling old parts and making new ones designed with future recycling in mind care the most. The Oracle Racing Team turned to Carbon Conversions to recycle one of their sailing vessels to make tooling that they use to make new boats.


Carbon Conversions manufactures roll goods for composite reinforcement, and chopped, seeded recycled carbon fiber for thermoplastic compounding. Our nonwoven materials are made with recycled carbon fiber, either (1) alone or in combination with other structural fibers for infusion with thermoset polymers or (2) in combination with thermoplastic polymer fibers to be compression molded. Our chopped, seeded fiber is specially sized for making injection molding compounds.

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Carbon Conversions’ recycling and advanced material production operations are housed in our 50,000 square-foot facility in Lake City, South Carolina.

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Carbon Conversions offers recycling solutions to companies that need to dispose of excess carbon form decommisioned parts. We also provide carbon fiber-based materials for a wide range of manufacturing applications. The best value we can deliver is for companies seeking both. We help our customers close the loop - we take their decommissioned components, remove the carbon material and deliver preforms and nonwovens they use to make new parts.